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Now that I've been using the a6000 for a month, here are my initial thoughts:


The image quality, even with the kit lenses, is fantastic.  In Lightroom, I can choose to keep or correct any distortion, which is pretty large at 16mm.  Sometimes, that works to great effect to improve an image. Don't get caught up in the technical ecstacy of an expensive lens just because it's expensive.  Get the lenses you need. I can make exhibition prints using the kit lenses.


The small filter size is fantastic when you need to buy a polarizing filter. They are cheap.  Screwing the very small polarizing filter, with it's very narrow rings on and off is not so much fun.


There are few options for longer, fast lenses for this camera.  However you can get an adapter.  Metabones makes good ones for adapting Canon (and other) lenses to the Sony e-mount.  They start at $399.  Not cheap.  But, much cheaper than buying a lugging around a duplicate lens in a different mount, or worse, not having available the lens you need.


11 frames per second may be overkill.  I was shooting a boat race and I didn't need it!  I switched the setting from Hi to Mid.


The menu is a nightmare.  it is just too big and obnoxious to navigate.  I am going to see if I can make some presets for certain situations and give them custom function numbers, so I can get to them easily.


Things change.  in life that can be good or bad.  On this camera, it's extremely annoying.  I'll find a change in the shot settings, viewfinder brightness or playback mode and I won't know how it got set there.  Then, I have to find the setting in the huge menu and fix it...or try to fix it.  The viewfinder going dim has about driven me nuts.  Today, the playback decided to change how it operated.  I eventually figured it out.


InExposure compensation is a great thing in an automatic mode.  However, today I pushed a button and it asked me if I wanted to use/change exposure compensation in manual exposure mode.  That option shouldn't even be available in that mode.


The lens mount release is on the lower left side of the lens.  I suppose this makes it harder to hit by mistake, but it also makes it a bit unweildy when you need to change lenses.

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