Ted Diamond - Artist

Artist Statement

I have had a lifelong interest in American Popular Culture. Growing up in suburban Long Island, I grew up surrounded, immersed and participating in it.   This showed in photographic series on human facades and shopping malls.


 In the late 1990’s I started photographing simulations of the American Flag.  I was not used to them or the atmosphere in which they resided.  They seemed to sit at an intersection of patriotism, popular culture and religion.  They were few and far between.


After 9/11, flags and simulations of flags became so commonplace, I stopped photographing them.  There seemed to be largely superficial thought behind them or the images of them. 


Within the last few years, I have started photographing them again.  Some are just remnants of 9/11.  Others are deeply meaningful to those who have created them and some are commercial plays on that meaning. 



Ted Diamond


Images are Archival Pigment Inkjet on Cotton Rag paper

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